Welcome Yannick Wils

We are happy to announce our newest team member at Aivix: Yannick Wils! 

Yannick will join the sales team and become a direct colleague of Maarten. We are sure that for this duo the sky will definitely not be the limit!

Best of luck!

Want to know more about Yannick? Get to know him through the following questions.

Why did Yannick choose for Aivix?

From the first contact I had with Aivix, at the time of my previous job, I had a good feeling! On a regular basis, I visited Aivix and my feelings were only confirmed. After the previous cooperation, I have always stayed in contact with Wim and Maarten. At a certain point, they were looking for reinforcements in sales and I initially held back, but the idea kept slumbering in my mind.

At a certain point, I decided that I would’ve liked to join the Aivix team and contacted them. What attracted me the most was the humanity in which they run their business, combined with the right, pleasant dynamics and a healthy portion of ambition!

What did Yannick do before Aivix?

After almost 10 years within Retail, as a sales representative, it was time for a different challenge and I started at a sales consultancy company in 2018, exclusively within the IT sector, where I started as a consultant. After some time, I got the offer to work as a sales manager, I immediately accepted this challenge. In the end, I was responsible for about 15 sales consultants, whom I managed and guided in their work at the customer. In addition to the follow-up of the consultants and the existing customers, I also took care of bringing in new customers.

Who is your rolemodel? And why?

I can fairly say that my father is my rolemodel. Not easy to follow in his footsteps but I’m trying to find my own way of becoming my father 2.0. He always inspired me to become the better version of myself. He was a good, honest, hard working man who I respect enormously.