Welcome Wannes De Boeck!

Meet our newest Aivix colleague: Wannes De Boeck! In the interview below, Wannes tells a bit more about himself, why he chose Aivix and what he did before . Curious? Then be sure to read on! 👇🏻

Why did you choose Aivix?

After graduating, I knew I wanted to work in the data science and machine learning world and I believe Aivix is the best place to do that. Since the Intellus group focusses on data and Aivix in data science and data engineering in particular, there is a lot of expertise here. It’s also not just about projects. Personal training and gaining knowledge is important at Aivix and that is something I find very important as well.

What did you do before Aivix?

I’ve been working for two years as a consultant data scientist. I already learned a lot on a wide variety of projects, but I want to learn much more. Before that, I studied physics and astronomy, where I quickly saw that programming, machine learning and data analysis is a very interesting career choice.

If you could switch with someone for one day, who would it be and why?

There are a lot of interesting options. An astronaut would be very nice I think. The microgravity environment, conducting various science experiments, maybe even a spacewalk. And who doesn’t dream of being one at least once?