Welcome Mathias Van Aelten!

We would like to present you: Mathias Van Aelten. One of the new youngsters at Aivix. Mathias studied ‘Applied Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence’ and is ready to start his career at Aivix! Best of luck to you 🍀!

We asked him some questions so you could get to know him a little bit! Read them below.

Why did you choose Aivix?

Mainly because I knew that both Cubis and Lytix are full of young, talented people on the one hand and people with a lot of experience in data analytics and data engineering on the other.

In addition, it soon became clear that Aivix puts a lot of time and effort into training. Apart from the consultancy side of the story, this was something that I attached great importance to during my search for my first employer.

What did you do before Aivix?

Before joining Aivix, I studied ‘Applied Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence’ at Thomas More Geel. During this period, my interest in data grew exponentially.

Before I started my higher studies, I mainly studied economics and languages.

What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is to shout along as loudly as possible to the ‘foute hits’ when I’m all alone in the car.
Very fun to do, but it can also lead to some very embarrassing moments while waiting at traffic lights.