Welcome Marlien Van de Water

Happy to announce our newest team member: Marlien Van de Water. Marlien is going to take on the role of Recruitment & Employer Branding Officer. We are pleased to have her on board! Best of luck to you, Marlien! πŸ€

Get to know her through some brief questions πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Why did Marlien choose for Aivix?

What is very important to me in a company is that the results of the hard work are celebrated together as one team. That you are not just a number in a big company, but that everyone knows each other and that there is a nice, familiar atmosphere. When I had my first meeting with Wim & Bianca, I immediately had a very good feeling about Aivix. I instantly got the feeling that I was entering a very warm and welcoming family.

What did Marlien do before Aivix?

Before working as a Recruitment & Employer Branding Officer at Aivix, I worked as a Digital Communicator at a small marketing agency. Here I managed clients’ social media channels, set up employer branding projects, recruited new employees for clients, created newsletters and wrote press releases. Now I have the opportunity to dive deeper into the recruitment and employer branding part. And I am really looking forward to helping Aivix grow.

What is the most beautiful city you visited and why?

I love to travel so it is very difficult to pick just one favourite. If I have to say something, I think I would go for Rome. Such a beautiful, authentic city with so much culture to soak up, I love that! But also the small towns of the Amalfi Coast have charmed my heart. Maybe I just have a weakness for the cosy authenticity of Italy? πŸ˜‰