Welcome Laurens Van Paemel

Welcome Laurens Van Paemel! Laurens is a fan of Python. What a coïncidence that we at Aivix work a lot with that too 😉 We are sure that Laurens will fit perfectly in our team. Best of luck! ✅

Why did you choose Aivix?

I like to work with data and programming in Python, Aivix offers exactly that, thus it seemed to be a great fit. Aivix also seems to be a modern company, with a rather flat hierarchy and people-oriented environment, which is a nice bonus. With learning opportunities and opportunities to grow become an expert at data science and data engineering.

What did you do before Aivix?

Studies and making a living on my own through a type of investments. The only relevance to my new job at Aivix being programming in Python: a few personal programming and data science projects.

Tell us more about your best holiday?

I’m going to pick my most recent holiday, which ended just 2 days before writing this text. It was close to home: Portugal, Tavira. A bit of a charmy traditional city next to a lagoon. No high-rise buildings, no modern buildings – but small streets with a vibrant atmosphere during the evenings. Exploring a bit of nature or having some active fun during the day – enjoying a relaxing evening in the city. It in part turned a bit into a culinary trip too, there is some amazing food to be found at local restaurants. We often ended up ordering multiple main dishes to try out – at the amusement of the restaurant staff.