Welcome Kasimir Putseys!

Meet Kasimir, our newest team member! Kasimir had a lot of knowledge in the data and analytics world. A perfect asset for our team! Best of luck, Kasimir! 🍀

Why did you choose Aivix?

One of the important things in a workplace for me is how the people and team atmosphere is. When I met with Tom and Arne I immediately got a good feeling about this place and they also explained to me how they work together. Furthermore, it is important to me to learn more in the scope of data science by doing interesting projects. I strongly believe this will be the case with Aivix which makes me very excited.

What did you do before Aivix?

Before this I was a student where I started in applied economics but found my way to data through other masters and different courses. During these years I learnt a lot about the value of data for companies and also did some interesting data projects. For example, last year I created a model using data that valued football players based on the actions they perform on the football field.

What makes you happy in life?

The most important thing that makes me happy is following my passions. This is the case in data science where I have a strong interest and will continue to develop here at Aivix. Furthermore, another passion of mine is sports and follow this passion by training almost everyday.

Besides this, I also believe it is important to relax after a busy day by meeting up and having fun with my friends.