Welcome Karel Deprez!

Meet Karel Deprez, our new colleague at Aivix who joined us last week. Karel chose Aivix for his passion for data science and engineering and his belief that it offers an ideal platform for his career growth. Welcome, Karel, to our team!

Why did you choose Aivix? 

I chose Aivix because it offers an ideal platform for my career growth and aligns perfectly with my passion for data science and engineering. From the moment I connected with Wim on LinkedIn and learned about the company through interviews, I was captivated.

Aivix’s unwavering focus on data, its robust engineering approach, and its affiliation with sister companies Cubis and Lytix give it a unique edge in tackling complex data challenges. Aivix’s commitment to knowledge sharing, its emphasis on individualized learning, and its diverse project opportunities make it an exceptional place to grow professionally. Moreover, what truly stood out for me was the friendly and welcoming atmosphere I experienced during the interview process and the initial interactions with the team.

What did you do before Aivix? 

Before joining Aivix, I was a student at Ghent University, where I studied Business Engineering. In my Master’s program, I specialized in data analytics. Alongside my studies, I had the opportunity to gain some practical experience in a more business analyst role through an internship and a part-time student job.

What’s your passion or hobby that not many people know about?

This is a question a bit more difficult for me because I am very mainstream in my hobbies like playing tennis and padel or going to the gym. What people maybe don’t know about me is that I enjoy cooking. It all started out of necessity after eating too much lasagna from ‘den Aldi’ during my studies. I even began compiling my own cookbook, tailored for those who are short on time and looking for easy recipes. However, it’s still a work in progress and will probably never see publication.