Welcome Jorre Housen

There’s another new kid in town! Meet Jorre Housen, a graduate in computer science en ready to tackle some projects at Aivix! Best of luck to you 🍀!

We asked him some questions so you could get to know him a little bit! Read them below.


Why Did you choose Aivix?

As a graduating student, I found myself caught between two interests, application development and data engineering/data science. This made the search for a job more difficult, especially because I was looking for a good cultural fit with my first employer. Aivix was my first application where I instantly felt a connection. In addition, everyone at Aivix was very welcoming and showed an interest in me as a person. Later during my search for a job it was very clear to me that Aivix really stands out regarding development opportunities and personal growth. This is very important to me as a starting Data engineer.


What did you do before Aivix?

My last three years were mainly spent on my bachelor’s degree in applied computer science, with a specialization in business intelligence & artificial intelligence at Thomas More. At my internship my interests in machine learning really grew when I was working on generative AI. Using machine learning models I taught AI how to create musical notations, like melodies and drum rhythms. Aside from school I worked as a student in a company where I helped develop the servers and databases for small games.


What is the most beautiful city you visited and why?

Dublin! Since my brother moved to Dublin, I visit the city quite frequently. From long cliff walks just outside the city to a fresh pint of Guinness in an authentic Irish pub, I think Dublin really has its charms. Last time I was there I had to take a very early flight home on a Saturday morning. I found it interesting to see how Dublin converted from a city that just finished a big evening of parties to the bubbly metropolis it is during day-times. If you haven’t been there yet, add it to your bucket list 😉.