Welcome Jeroen Van Pelt!

We would like to present you to our newest and 10th Aivix member: Jeroen Van Pelt! We are excited to announce that our Aivix group has grown to a fun team of 10 people in just 6 months. With his enthusiasm and expertise in AWS Cloud & Data Engineering, Jeroen is the perfect addition.

Read more about him through the questions below! 👇🏻

Why did you choose for Aivix?

Over the last years, I learned myself a lot about developing applications in the AWS cloud environment but I never really had an experienced team around me (company set-up) to leverage on and learn from myself. After having some nice talks with Arne and Tom, I felt confident that Aivix must be the ideal place for me where I can both leverage on a strong team that will be built over the coming years but also contribute a lot myself to helping the company achieve and maintain a strong position in the data industry. And in general, I have the feeling that there is a nice atmosphere and working environment present at Aivix, which is perfect for me to work on my biggest passions.

What did you do before Aivix?

Before joining Aivix, I have been focused on two of my major passions.

After graduating, I started a job as a functional risk consultant. My main task has been to implement risk solutions for a variety of banking topics like liquidity management , asset and liability management, IFRS9 and much more. Due to my interest in data, coding and more technical matters in general, I also grew to a more technical role on these projects over the years.

In the last three years, I have also developed a strong interest in cloud architecture and data engineering. During this period, I have been cooperating with academics from the VUB to build a data platform on AWS to generate economic insights out of news data and bring this to clients in the financial industry.

As of today, I will leave the risk consultant part in myself behind and focus on probably my biggest passion: Cloud & Data engineering at Aivix!

If you could change with someone for one day, who would it be and why?

It is not really in my nature to be willing to be someone else but in general I have a deep respect for successful entrepreneurs. For the sake of the question, I would go for super effective entrepreneurial type of person like Elon Musk. Not because I am a big fan of Tesla, his opinions or whatsoever but because he has crazy ideas and unlike most people is very determined that he can actually realize it. It is may be not the kind of person, I want to be just for one day, but just being a bit more like that every day so I also do say “Hell Yeah” to the craziest ideas!