Welcome Ilham Bouamara!

Meet Ilham Bouamara, our new colleague at Aivix. Ilham chose Aivix for its strong work culture and personal growth opportunities. With a background in Business & Technology from the Solvay Business School, she’s eager to put her skills into action. We can’t wait to see what you’re up to!

Why did you choose Aivix? 

When I was looking for my first job, I put a large emphasis on the work culture within the company. As a first job is an important educational experience, I also searched for a job with a lot of personal growth opportunities. When I was contacted by my colleagues here at Aivix, they immediately made me feel appreciated and listened to. This was because my interviews were mostly conducted by some of the managing partners and the very friendly and helpful people from HR 😊. Most of the time when dealing with recruiting companies, you have an interview with somebody who doesn’t really know much about the job and the day-to-day activities that you’ll have to execute. For me this felt very impersonal. Aivix was the first company that reached out to me and did not implement this detached method. Moreover, they made it clear that they searched people who would be the right ‘fit’ for the company. For me, this was a very big green flag, as it shows that they are looking for more than just new recruits.

What did you do before Aivix?

As this is my first job, before this I was studying Business & Technology at the Solvay Business School in the VUB. This academic journey deepened my understanding of the business-tech world, equipping me with valuable skills in strategic thinking and problem-solving.

Now, I’m excited to transition from academia to the professional world and put my knowledge into action here at Aivix. I hope my time at Solvay has armed me with a strong foundation, and I’m eager to learn more practical skills!

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?

I’m an absolute sucker for jaw-dropping views! 🌍✨ Maybe I’d start with the mesmerizing Amalfi Coast in Italy. I mean, who can resist those picturesque cliffside villages and the crystal-clear blue sea? Within Italy I would also love to visit Puglia for its picture rustic beauty, vineyards and of course the food! Bali also seems like paradise on earth to me with its emerald-green rice terraces that seem to stretch endlessly. But honestly, I would love to travel anywhere with good food and views!