Welcome Bjorn Rombouts!

Introducing the newest addition to our Aivix team: Bjorn Rombouts! Curious to learn more about Bjorn’s journey, what he did before Aivix and with whom he would like to swap places for a day? Check the interview below to find out! 👇

Why did you choose for the Intellus Group?

Coming from a research background, I love coding in Python and R. Curious as I am, I wanted to dive even deeper in the world of data intelligence. I believe the Intellus Group is the perfect place to learn, grow and see first-hand how data can be used in a lot of interesting ways.

What did you do before you joined the Intellus Group?

I worked as a data scientist in Sint-Truiden for a fruit research center. There I did mainly projects involving drone image data, sensor data pipelines, data visualizations and harvest prediction modelling. So, I saw a lot of apples, pears, strawberries and other fruits. 🍓 🍏 🍐

If you could change with someone for 1 day, who would it be and why?

If someone alive, I think I would like to see the world again from the perspective of a 5 year old. Just playing, being fascinated by everything and don’t worry about what is going on in the world. If it can be someone dead (and since it is just for one day), I’d love to visit Ancient Athens in its prime just to see the culture and walk around, so I’ll pick Plato.