Welcome Arne Vanhoof

Welcome Arne Vanhoof, Managing Partner of Aivix!
Arne is taking up a leading role for Aivix. With his experience in the analytics world and his Artificial Intelligence skills, we are sure that our brand is in good hands!

Read more about him through the questions below! 👇🏻

Why did Arne choose Aivix?

Because of 2 reasons.

First of all because content-wise it was time for change. I was rather stuck at some long-time international projects with technologies I didn’t see much future in. That’s why I started in 2021 a postgraduate in Artificial Intelligence to extend my knowledge. The postgraduate provided me the final confirmation that it was time to move more into the direction of Data Engineer/Science, which I expect will only become more important and more important in the future

Secondly because Aivix somehow felt familiar/coming home.

When I left one of the big 4 in 2013 (together with Geert at that time) I applied for Cubis and had interviews with Jeroen & Wim. They did do an offer, however after much thought I chose for another consulting firm. I kept into contact with Wim & Jeroen and the positive continuous feedback I heard from Geert together with the nice grow path of him, have always made me have a very positive image about Cubis/Lytix.

Through some coincidences and perfect timing, the opportunity of joining Aivix passed by and suddenly we are in today’s position 🙂

What did Arne do before Aivix?

My first 3 years I worked at one of the big 4, mainly Business Intelligence with some own made tools and analysis on SAP tables.

Then I joined a Business Intelligence consulting firm for 9 years, technically here I mainly worked within the complete SAP BW suite (until and including BW4), Business Objects, Data Services, own made SQL data warehouses, etc.

The last years I managed 2 greenfield BI projects, one internationally with rollouts in Japan, America and Asia.

Over the years I also became one of the managers and I supported with general management, sales, recruiting and account management.

Who is your role model and why?

Hard one, however looking at the recent Tour de France, I would go for Wout Van Aert.

Excel personally in monstrous ways in various disciplines, but still be able to put everything into perspective when seeing your loved ones and friends.

At the same time being the best possible team player and sacrifice your own chances for others, celebrated with tears of happiness for the success of your teammates.

Actually, everyone has to be a little bit of Wout Van Aert.