Welcome Ahmad Alkaddor!

Introducing Ahmad Alkaddor, our new colleague at Aivix. Ahmad’s passion for data science and AI led him to join us. With a Master’s in Information Engineering Technologies from Ghent University, specializing in data science and machine learning, Ahmad is well-prepared to make a difference. Warm welcome Ahmad, best of luck!

Why did you choose Aivix?

From my understanding, Aivix has a strong focus on leveraging advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence to drive business solutions. The opportunity to work in such an environment was particularly appealing to me, given my keen interest in data science and AI. I believe the tools and technologies employed here are at the forefront of data-driven decision-making, and I am excited by the prospect of contributing to innovative projects that can transform the industry.

What did you do before Aivix?

Before joining AIVIX, I completed my Master’s degree in Information Engineering Technologies at Ghent university. My academic journey allowed me to gain a strong grounding in various aspects of data science, machine learning, and information technologies. One of the highlights of my master’s program was my thesis project, which focused on leveraging deep learning techniques to improve the analysis of medical ultrasound images. This project not only honed my skills in AI and machine learning but also gave me a glimpse into the transformative power of these technologies in healthcare. I believe the knowledge and experience I’ve gained make me well-suited to contribute to the data-driven projects here at AIVIX.

If you could have any superpower. What would it be and why?

I would love to have the ability to learn anything instantly. In the fast-paced field of AI and data science, being able to instantly grasp new algorithms, coding languages, or data analysis methods would be incredibly valuable.