Navigating the Starters Academy: Mathias’ story

Exactly one year ago, I kickstarted my professional career at Aivix. My journey began with a month-long intensive training course known as the “Starters Academy.”. In the meantime, I have been with my third client, had some amazing times with my colleagues, learned a lot of new things and met many new people. The starters academy was certainly the main reason why the past year went so smoothly.

Starters academy for dummies

Before I start talking about the impact this period has had on my career so far, I would first like to talk a little generally about the academy itself. The ultimate goal is to prepare starters for life as a consultant as well as possible within a month. This is both in terms of hard-skills and soft-skills.

What does all this include? Well, basically all the tools and programming languages needed to work in a modern data environment. Think Python, Azure (Pipelines), SQL, PowerBI and so on. There is also a big focus on improving presentation skills, which in retrospect proved to be an immense help. All in all, we can certainly speak of a well put together and comprehensive package.

Of course, this is all just theoretical, and may look a lot like a perfectly normal school day, when in fact it could not be further from reality. All training courses are taught by colleagues who are all experts in the subject matter they present to us. They know better than anyone else what information they need to impart and in what way. They themselves started out the same way, and all the experience they have gained up until now in business, they can pass on during these trainings in order to make the onboarding of the starters run as smoothly as possible. I personally found this to be one of the greatest strengths. In addition, of course, these are also all colleagues you get to know better in this way, which only makes integration easier.

Talking back to the technical aspect, it was very interesting for me personally to get a mix of topics that are completely new to some people, or just a repetition for some. That way we could also help each other where necessary. For me personally, things like python and SQL were just a refresher, while something like PowerBI was relatively new to me. This helped me tremendously during my first project, as it consisted mainly of PowerBI and Dax.

The last important aspect I would like to mention is the group feeling. A month of intense daily training together really creates a bond that is still in place today. Usually, colleague consultants don’t see each other very often, because everyone is working for their own client, but at Intellus Group we put a lot of effort into prevent this from the very beginning, which really pays off. In my opinion, this already starts with the annual Starters Academy.


To round up, the Starters Academy at Aivix is more than just a training-period; it is a crucial building block for a successful career in the world of data consultancy. As already mentioned, it has not only helped me strengthen my technical skills but has also provided me with a community of colleagues who will support me in so many different topics. All of this has been invaluable in my first year as a consultant, and I will carry the benefits with me for the rest of my career, no doubt.