Marlien’s first months at Cubis/Lytix/Aivix

My first 3 months at Cubis, Lytix & Aivix as a Recruitment & Employer Branding Officer are over. The warm welcome on my first day made me feel right at home at the office in Boortmeerbeek. These first months have flown by. But as they say: “Time flies when you’re having fun!”, right? 😉  

The switch from Zonhoven to Boortmeerbeek 

I came from a small team of three in Zonhoven and made the switch to a cosy group of 100 people in Boortmeerbeek. Quite a difference, but I was ready for a new challenge. And how happy I am that I made that decision! The positive and warm feeling I had during my job interviews was also confirmed during my first weeks. I ended up in a lovely and welcoming team and I enjoy going to work every day. I couldn’t have wished for anything better!    

The switch to the data world 

I had no background in the data sector. I ended up in a branch that was completely new to me. And there is nothing more fun like ending up somewhere where there is still so much to learn! The colleagues are all very helpful and help me find my way. At Cubis, Lytix and Aivix, you are definitely not on your own during your first weeks, and I am enormously grateful for that. Data terminology is starting to sound like music to my ears and I am looking forward to learning so much more about this interesting world.  

The best thing about a job at Cubis/Lytix/Aivix 

The combination of challenging job content with a fun work atmosphere and great colleagues is what I like best about working at Cubis, Lytix & Aivix. You will be joining a big family where everyone helps each other and supports each other where necessary. Where everyone respects each other and where achieved targets are celebrated together with fun team building events and after-work drinks. Where you can also join sporty group activities such as The Strong Viking Run or the 10 Miles. Where you are not just a number, but really part of a nice group. I was able to experience all of this during my first months. Cubis/Lytix/Aivix is clearly a perfect match for me!  

Future projects 

There are some great projects planned for the future! From September until December 2022, for example, we will join a Corporate Social Responsibility project in which our consultants, if they are interested, can use their skills to work out a project together with a non-profit organisation. Furthermore, we also have a nice group of starters who will follow our Academy from September onwards in order to get a jumpstart within Cubis, Lytix or Aivix. It gives me so much fulfilment when I can find a perfect match for the company. That a candidate feels at home within our organisation and that our norms and values match those of the candidate. That is what we are aiming for: a warm team where everyone feels at home. I am already looking forward to all the fun and challenging projects that are still to come and to help Cubis, Lytix & Aivix grow.  

Perhaps a job as a consultant is something for you?  

Are you not working for the Cubis group yet and are you still doubting whether a job as a consultant at Cubis, Lytix or Aivix is something for you? You can always come and meet us (virtually)! No obligations, just a nice chat to see what your ambitions are for the future and how we can support you in your journey. Feel free to send an email to and we’ll meet up soon!