Interview Tom Thevelein

Hi Tom, we have something to celebrate, isn’t it? Tell us more about Aivix!

Aivix is another brand alongside Lytix and Cubis. Where Lytix focusses on Microsoft, Cubis on SAP, we at Aivix are more technology agnostic and have a focus on data engineering and advanced analytics. Under data engineering, we mean data platforms and data pipelines with a true focus on resiliency, robustness and quality. We start with righting the foundations of your data before jumping into overly complex statistical models. We also have an enormous focus on DevOps at our clients with CI/CD. When we are confident about your data, we jump into advanced analytics and if the use case allows it, data science.

Why did you find the need to start this new brand?

In the market, we see there is a big need for resilient data engineering, where the foundations are laid correctly and the expectations of ‘amazing data science’ are managed well. We believe that by having a relentless focus on good data engineering practices, you can set your company far ahead of others.

Give me some specific examples of why companies must contact Aivix?

Here are a couple of examples that I can think of off the top of my head:

  • If you feel that you have an enormous amount of business use cases and questions, but you never seem to manage to translate them into data needs and execute them, we are here to setup the architecture, roll it out and implement the use cases in a swift, robust and intelligent manner.
  • If you feel that your data science projects are failing, we are here to take a step back for you and exactly pinpoint on where to focus and execute the necessary steps before jumping into data science.
  • If you feel that your data team is spending a lot of time on supporting the current needs, we are there to fix your architecture so your data team can spend time on what really matters.

How hard does the world need brands like Aivix?

Now more than ever! With increasing data and increasing number of technologies to choose from it is extremely important for companies to have their things in order. Companies who want to stay competitive need to have their data architecture in order so they can keep up with the data and business strategy. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are spending an enormous amount of money on your data team without achieving results in an efficient manner, or worse, without achieving results at all.

If you could make a dream come true with Aivix, which would it be?

That is that at every client we can truly implement a DevOps mentality with good data engineering practices so that every team can achieve his maximum potential. Because this is of vital importance. For people who are fond of reading, I can recommend you to read the book ‘The Phoenix Project’! This book explains the importance of DevOps in a fast-paced and entertaining style.