Interview Jasper Puts


Hi Jasper and welcome to the Aivix team! We want to get to know you a little bit more so we have prepared some questions!

What’s your career goal now that you work for Aivix?

Working on interesting and challenging data science & engineering projects to gain more experience. When you are young you want to learn as much as possible, so a goal is to learn different tools and techniques. Preferably with a higher focus on data science projects. Starting from a business problem or need, getting to know the data and playing with it, training a model and making it available in production really fascinates me.

Certifications are always nice to have, but working on real cases is what brings the experience.

What do you think Aivix stands for?

Having a deep knowledge in technologies of different providers. Being flexible to switch to the one that fits the most in a specific case. But also focusing on actual business value. Many data science projects are nice to show during sales or marketing talks, but their actual impact was limited. I believe this can be different with a good analysis at the start of the project, and I think this is a key focus of Aivix as well.

How do you see the future of Data Science and Data Engineering?

The importance and impact of these types of projects for companies will only increase in the coming years. Companies keep getting more mature with their data, which will be a big enabler for data science initiatives to succeed. As the amounts of data keep increasing, good data engineering is required to be able to get value out of it.

Can you give us a good example of an achievement that changed the world?
Achievement can be made by any company. A project that you look up to.

It is probably a pretty mainstream answer, but what SpaceX is doing with space travel really amazes me. While their impact on most people’s daily life is still limited today, it has so much potential. It is a company that allows you to dream what the possibilities will be in the next years. It stuns me what they are capable of doing, while at the same time I am still having problems with my basic internet connection at home.

What is the ultimate dream to achieve with Aivix?

Doing projects that give a real and big added value to companies. Many data science projects fail or remain a proof of concept. A goal is to succeed in translating the actual business needs into a project/case that has a real impact on the company. Preferably projects which have a positive impact on society as well.

Why do people need to join team Aivix?

Because it is a company where you will be able to stay up to date on the latest technologies within the data science & engineering field. A lot of sessions are planned to share knowledge within the team. At Aivix, you are completely supported in your personal growth. If you want to specialize in a certain domain, all resources will be made available to reach certain goals. Besides that, there is a great atmosphere within the company, created by many nice and fun events.

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