Webinar – Empowering creativity: unleashing generative AI with Azure OpenAI

Unlock the potential of Generative AI with industry leaders Azure and OpenAI. LLMs (Large Language Models) are already being used by numerous businesses. Discover the power they hold to transform industries and increase your company’s efficiency and competitiveness.

Join us in this webinar for a live demo and to learn more about:

  • What is Generative AI?
  • Generative AI in action: Real-world applications
  • Challenges and limitations in today’s Generative AI
  • The Future of Generative AI
  • Azure OpenAI
  • Alternatives to Azure OpenAI: Amazon Bedrock, Langchain, Databricks Dolly

Whether you are a data scientist, a business leader, or someone who wants to take use of the creative power of Generative AI, this webinar will give you the opportunity to stay at the forefront of AI innovation and gain valuable insights into the world of Generative AI.

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