Data Platforms

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What is a Data Platform?

Data pipelines transfer data from source to target. These pipelines are often embedded into a bigger platform that is used to execute them. We set up this data platform which is best suited to support the data strategy and integrates with the technology stack at the client.


We not only set up the platform to support the current use cases, but we also take into account the data strategy and the future use cases to be handled by this platform. This ensures that the data platform is designed in such way it includes the necessary technology and features to support the company in the long run.


Being future-proof also means setting up a scalable platform. We design and engineer the platform in such a way we can easily add new resources, components and technology depending on the increasing needs of the company.

Swift deployment

A data platform should be engineered in such a way it can facilitate a smooth transition from development to production-grade pipelines. Therefore, together with the client, we define a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) strategy that allows to have fast and resilient deploy strategies.


We don’t stop at the question: ‘what are we doing when everything is going right?’. We also ask ourselves the question ‘what can go wrong and how can we mitigate this?’. These questions also lead us to design and engineer a platform that can handle issues that occur at infrastructure, security or data level.