AWS Lake Formation: Building Secure and Well-Governed Data Lakes 

Within the modern data platform, the ability to create and manage data lakes efficiently is a game-changer. That’s where AWS Lake Formation steps in. It’s your key to building secure, well-governed data lakes effortlessly. 

AWS Lake formation is a repository that can effortlessly store all your structured and unstructured data, making it instantly accessible for analysis. It provides the foundation for this vision. It simplifies the creation of data lakes by automating various manual steps, such as data ingestion, cataloging, and security setup.  

Key features

Simplifies data ingestion from diverse sources, including databases, data streams, and on-premises storage. 

Automatically catalogs and indexes your data, making it easily discoverable and queryable. 

Enforces granular security and access controls, ensuring compliance with data governance policies. 

If you’re dealing with lots of scattered data or just want to make data available to everyone in your company in a safe way, AWS Lake Formation is the right service to build data lakes that are secure, governed, and ready to fuel insights.