Amazon Athena: Querying Data Lakes with SQL 

The ability to query your data lakes with ease is very important within a modern data platform. Enter Amazon Athena, your SQL-based query solution for data lakes. 

Athena allows to analyse your data lakes using the familiar SQL language, without the need for complex infrastructure or time-consuming setup. It allows you to run ad-hoc queries on your data lakes, retrieve insights, and make data-driven decisions effortlessly.  

Key features

Offers serverless, pay-as-you-go pricing, eliminating the need for provisioning and managing infrastructure. 

Provides lightning-fast query performance, thanks to its optimized query engine. 

Seamlessly integrates with AWS Glue and AWS Lake Formation, creating a unified data analytics ecosystem. 

If you work with data or make decisions based on data, it’s good to know about Amazon Athena. It is essential for enabling self-service data exploration and analytics within your organization.