Advanced Analytics & Data Science

The increasing amounts of data that organisations are gathering contains a lot of vital information for their future. However, organisations don’t always find it easy to extract this information, leading to sub-optimal decision making. This is where data science becomes useful.

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What are Advanced Analytics and Data Science?

Advanced analytics and data science covers a wide range of topics that can be used to extract insights from data.

Only when we feel we have righted the core principles at a company, including robust data pipelines and a data platform, we go further into advanced analytics and data science.

We don’t believe data science is the hammer you need for every use case. We often start with advanced analytics and smart algorithms to provide further insights into your data, often supporting the biggest part of the use cases today.

Going further, after clearly defining a goal and business use cases, we also implement statistical algorithms or data science models to solve use cases.


At the very core of advanced analytics and data science, we believe there is the need for understandability. We put a big emphasis on clearly and simply explaining what is going on and why. We believe this is a core principle to promote the adoption of advanced analytics and data science.


Next to being understandable, trustability is another essential element for promoting adoption. A robust data platform will ensure that the algorithms run in a reproducible and resilient manner, providing trustable results to be consumed by different users.