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More than a catchphrase

At Aivix, we take pride in prioritising knowledge sharing. Not just internally between colleagues, but also to anyone interested in finding out more about data and analytics, data engineering, data science, …. We enjoy discussing the entire spectrum: technical use cases, best practices in project management, the latest cloud updates, and more. We cover all these subjects on this page. Join us at one of our future events where we will gladly discuss these topics and read some of our blogs written by our experts. Happy learning!

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Knowledge sharing

Connecting and Using MS Graph in Azure Data Factory

Companies are creating more and more data, on which they want to gain insights. One valuable source of data is data from within the...

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Loading mechanisms – Part I

As there are huge amounts of data available within companies, data is also moved in increasing quantities from one data storage to another for...

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Feature Store

Everyone who has already come in touch with data science, has already heard of features used in such models. One aspect that can become...

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