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Data , data, data. Do you have the feeling that you have an enormous amount of data? You know that data is the new gold, but are struggling with the ever-growing complex business cases? Are you having trouble keeping up with the technological landscape and knowing which technology to use where?

At Aivix, we are on top of the latest technologies and perfectly know how to put these technologies at use. We take into account your current stack and engineer the best fitted solution based on your needs. Designing a platform and engineering end-to-end data pipelines runs in our DNA.

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What can Aivix do for you?

Aivix is a service provider combining cloud native and cloud agnostic technologies to handle your data problems.

At Aivix, we never start from a technological point-of-view, we always start from a data strategy, that we can help to determine based on your business strategy and needs.

This clear alignment allows us to assess your current tech stack and identify any gaps that are missing to fulfil your business needs. With our broad knowledge and team of certified consultants, we don’t use a one-size-fits all solution where everything is a nail and where we use our hammer. A solution which is best fitted for your needs and infrastructure is always carefully designed and proposed. Once we have designed this solution, consisting of for example a data platform or data pipelines, we also implement this in an intelligent, robust, resilient, and future proof manner.

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